Early Childhood

Early Childhood Music Rock n Roll

Who: Toddlers

What: Rock n Roll is a high-energy and stimulating music and movement class for toddlers and their grown-up.  Each class contains a variety of music and movement based activities.   Weekly sessions with age-appropriate themes and musical selections. Experience the developmental benefits of music in a setting and with music that makes it fun for the mom, dad, or caregiver as well! Click the text or image for more info.

Early Childhood Music Class Rock City

Who: Preschoolers

What: Whether they’re a budding rock-star or an aspiring classical soloist, Rock City is the place to find real music education for your preschooler. Through dynamic musical and movement-based activities, exposure to live instruments and musically inspired story-time, budding young musicians gradually develop the skills needed to read music, play simple rhythms and develop fine motor control - skills that are essential for future success in playing an instrument. Classes focus on foundational musical concepts such as fast and slow, sound and silence, high and low and even singing and playing major scales, and with our special take-home activity materials, their musical adventures will last all week long! Click the text or image for more info.

Early Childhood Music Class Kids n Keys

Who: Ages 5 - 7

What: Kids n Keys introduces children to the fundamentals of music and piano playing in a fun group-setting. In three 8-lesson segments students will encounter the concepts, symbols, and sounds that form the basis of music literacy. Our curriculum incorporates different types of activities and games that involve listening, movement, singing, and creative music-making. We also firmly believe that young students have the ability to make music at the keyboard even before they can read music notation. In every class, students learn to play popular melodies on the piano and prepare for a group concert. Click the text or image for more info.

Fun With Music

Who: Ages 6 - 7

What: B2R’s Fun With Music class introduces students to the drums, guitar, piano, ukulele, and singing! Students learn the parts of each instrument and the basics of playing each in ten 45-minute sessions. Students do not need any musical experience or an instrument to participate! This class is perfect for any student unsure of which instrument he or she would like to play. After taking this class, students may want to choose an instrument and participate in the Drum, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele or Voice program! Click the text or image for more info.

Benefits of Music

  • Challenges the brain in new ways
  • New motor skills must be learned and coordinated
  • Profound and seemingly permanent changes in the brain structure


Music & Mathematics

  • Patterns of chords, notes and key changes
  • Counting of beats, rests & how long to hold notes
  • Geometry to remember correct finger positions for notes or chords
  • Sequences called intervals are the differences between notes
  • Ratios, proportions and equivalent fractions understanding are required to read music


Music & Reading

  • Strong association between music instruction & reading ability
  • Positive transfer occurs between language and reading
  • More music skills result in greater degree of phonological awareness
  • Music perception taps and enhances auditory areas


(How the Brain Learns by David Sousa, pg 225-229) Read More